The crocus represents for us the Christian women walk with Christ. As she lives her life within the Will and purpose of Christ.

This flower is described in flower circles as cheerful and rezealiant.  You can find this flower in many different climates, colors, and landscapes.

The Crocus is much like the Christian woman who is filled with the joy and power of Christ she may feel discouraged, dis-satisfied, unappreciated, and worn out yet she is rezealiant as she renews herself through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Though life may beat her up, and attack her faith, she continues to bloom no matter how cold life may get because of the strength of Christ Jesus’ shed blood on the Cross.

This flower is also known for being able to show its beauty in the most unlikeliest places. This is how the walk of the Christian woman should be. That no matter how ugly her world may get all around her the beauty of the Lord shines through. She is the beacon of light in a dark, dying world.

The crocus is actually a perennial, so it will keep coming back year after year. And there are a ton of different styles and colors of crocuses, about 80 or 90 different species in all.

This is symbolic of our lives in the body of Christ. We have many different ethic backgrounds, economic differences, languages, cultures, and worship styles but just as the Crocus is a crocus no matter the color; we are Christian even with our differences because of our belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The crocus comes back year after year which is symbolic of our eternal lives in Christ Jesus. 


We have chosen the Crocus flower to represent our ministry and we hope that the next time you see one you will think of us and how God can reveal Himself in the World around us if we just take the time to look.

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