Our Ministry Timeline & Milestones

Just For Us Ministries was formed by Shelle Frelo as a printed newsletter at Olivet Baptist Church in California.



God revealed to Shelle that due to the limited funds available to her this ministry would be best served online. Shortly after Just For Us Ministries Online was born. It started on Angelfire at www.angelfire.com/mo2/justforusministry/.



Just For Us Ministries Women’s Fellowships a.k.a. Hearts2Hearts Women’s Fellowships became official, inviting speakers from all over the country to share God’s word with women from various worship styles, backgrounds, nationalities, economical levels, and spiritual maturity together for one purpose to grow in the Lord. Just For Us Ministries establishes the annual women’s conference given each year by Just For Us Ministries/Hearts2Hearts Women’s Fellowships. Voices Kids Choir & Youth Ministry was formed. A community choir for youth 5 to 16. The choir was used to connect youth to God and with the plan of salvation. The choir performed for the Royals baseball team Christmas party, sang the national anthem for the Benjamin Ranch Rodeo and countless notable private and public performances.



Just For Us Ministries formed a leadership board. Just For Us Ministries formed “R Ladies Night Out”. To offer women a monthly night out in the form of bible study, mini-fellowships, and outings. Their first meeting was September 3, 2005. Just For Us Ministries/ Hearts2Hearts Conferences holds its largest women’s conference to date over 285 women in attendance. Just For Us Ministries creates a ministry exclusively for youth entitled “Keepin It Real In Christ”.



Hearts2Hearts Conferences establishes a title for its youth retreats and conferences “Get Real”. Hearts2Hearts Conferences gives its first girls 3 day “Get Real” retreat.



Just For Us Ministries consolidates James218 ministries with Just For Us Ministries and restructures its organization after its Founder Shelle Frelo takes ill.



Just For Us Ministries joins social media. And launches 5 channels on j4us.com and re-ignite its writers, editors, and channel hosts.



Shelle begins Just For Us Women’s Ministries as a house to house fellowship and bible study utilizing women from her church



God blessed the ministry with its own .com thus j4us.com was created. With no formal training God equipped Shelle to design the first website. God has continued to sharpen her website design skills and guide her as to how to best reach the women online. The online ministry is used to reach the hearts of 100,000,000’s of women and a few men around the world.



Dove Ministries was started as a food pantry. Handing out baked goods and canned goods. This ministry is still evolving with the aim of bringing hope to the shut in, clothes and food to those in need, medicine to the elderly and those can’t afford it, intercessory prayer, encouragement, and Gods love to those that are lost. Just For Us Ministries became an official Non-Profit Organization.



Hearts2Hearts Conferences becomes its own entity. March 28, 2006 https://www.hearts2hearts.net was created. Hearts2Hearts Conferences holds its first conference under its own name and entity entitled “The Ultimate Make Over” April 29, 2006 held in Kansas City, Missouri. Keepin It Real In Christ found and president Shelle Frelo writes “SOS-Sharing Our Sisterhood” curriculum that was used by a public school district in Kansas City, Missouri to help girls with self-esteem, self-image, and social behavior. May 2, 2006 Shelle Frelo appears on TBN’s “Praise The Lord”.



Just For Us Ministries restructures its leadership. Hearts2Hearts Conferences Christian Speakers & Entertainers online bureau was established. Shelle establishes her speaker identity https://www.shellefrelo.com


Just For Us Ministries Founder Shelle Frelo re-establishes the original vision of the ministry and takes the ministry back on course.



Shelle starts to work with women outside of her church helping them find their role in the church, society, and establishing relationships with one another according to the Word of God.



Just For Us Ministries has its first unofficial women’s fellowship with 15 women in attendance and Shelle as the only speaker.



Just For Us Ministries Women’s Fellowships was renamed Hearts2Hearts Conferences.



Dove Ministries is renamed james218ministries and continues its efforts to connect people in need with the resources they need. April 11, 2007 james218ministries obtains its own website https://www.james218ministries.com . Voices Kids Choir was disbanded. Just For Us Ministries website j4us.com is closed for a series of updates. Keepin It Real In Christ President Shelle Frelo writes the Keepin It Real In Christ Christian Curriculum that is picked up by First Baptist Church of Raytown’s Student Ministry, Girls of Excellence, and House of Hope Youth Ministries as their curriculum. Hearts2Hearts Conferences gives its first girls conference.



Just For Us Ministries partners with Habitat Humanity.



Just For Us Ministries consolidates Hearts2Hearts Conferences with Just For Us Ministries and begins to prepare for 2018 conference.



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