Just For Us Ministries focuses on six critical issues that impact women and youth socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually:

Teaching women and youth who they can be to each other through the love and ministry of Christ Jesus.

Provide Intercessory Prayer for those that are ill; Supply information and resources for the family and those in need; visit the sick and shut-in; Provide support for those in despair.

Provide tools, information, and studies to help women and youth develop Holy habits in an effort to help them be intimate and imitators of Christ Jesus.

Answering The Call:
Helping women and youth discover their potential as women and youth dedicated to God. Encouraging women and youth to develop their talents, skills, and spiritual gifts for the Kingdom of God.

Offering Gentile Witnessing To The Lost, Witnessing Skills To The Believer, And Intercessory Prayer For The Unsaved.

The Family
( for both single & married women and youth)
Encouraging and equipping women and youth to build Christ centered relationships. Helping women and youth to appreciate the ministry of family. Providing support and teaching to women and youth on how to build and sustain, families that glorify God.

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