Shelle Frelo- Founder Just For Us Ministries

Shelle Frelo Founder Of Just For Us Ministries
Writer-Speaker-Women’s Ministry & Youth Ministry Leader

Shelle’s Bio:

Shelle Frelo is Founder & President of Just For Us Ministries and its sister ministries – Hearts2Hearts Conferences, R-Ladies Night Out Bible Studies, and Keepin It Real In Christ, The Christian Talk Room, Your Bible Talk Radio, and Community.

Twenty-five years ago, Shelle was led by the Lord to establish a faith-based ministry, for women and youth. In 1989 she began Just For Us Ministries. Just For Us Ministries started as an weekly printed newsletter. The newsletter was limited to the women of her church and the women she knew. In the 1990’s the newsletter was discontinued due to the limitations of circulation and the financial burden of publication. In the mid 1990’s Shelle too Just For Us Ministries was reborn as an online newsletter ( Later through the prompting of the Holy Spirit Just For Us Ministries was developed into a full women’s and youth ministry.

God permitted Shelle to have many different life experiences to help mold her into the woman He needed to do His Work. Through many obstacles, disappointments, setbacks, and tragedies God revealed through the storms that He was and is bigger than any storm that could come. She experienced (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse imposed on her by her mother’s boyfriend, her grandmother, and uncle; homelessness, poverty, racism within her own ethnic group and beyond; and her insecurities about herself worth and physical looks).

Shelle came to realize that God allowed these storms to prepare her to understand and connect with women and youth on many different levels and from different backgrounds. Shelle’s life experiences and God’s grace has allowed her to be able to share with all those the ministry touches the knowledge of the awesomeness of God. Shelle learned through the small and big victories God’s strength, power, forgiveness and love were hers.

She has continued to share the victory of standing on the knowledge that an ordinary woman with all her flaws and imperfections can live an extraordinary faith despite her circumstances, fears, and insecurities. Shelle’s ministry Just For Us Ministries and its sister ministries has enabled others to understand that God wants an intimate, real, relationship with us. He wants us to come to Him as we are and allow Him to grow us up spiritually. God is not only able but wants to get us through the storms of life, and if He could do that for her, He could certainly do it for all those who trust in Him.

Shelle’s life experiences have broadened over the years, giving her an even deeper understanding and connection with the women and youth. She has written several bible studies, devotionals, and Christian curriculum. She has appeared on TBN, spoken at various events, churches, and retreats. She has worked diligently to bring God’s love, mercy, and joy to a hurting world through the ministry God gave her all those years ago.

Shelle is still being pruned, groomed and matured by the Holy Spirit for God’s kingdom. It is through His mercy and grace that Just For Us Ministries is still working to help others discover the joy of having a REAL relationship with Christ.

Her Message: Get Real, Get Christ, Know God!


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