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What a blessing that God brought you to our site. Take a moment and  look around allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak to you while you’re here. Here you can find details of our ministry, information, ways to connect, and direct links to our other ministries. Thanks again for stopping by, may the Lord God bless you and yours abundantly according to His Perfect Will.


Shelle Frelo

President And Founder
Just For Us Ministries

“Shelle Frelo is Founder & President of Just For Us Ministries Shelle has appeared on TBN’s “Praise The Lord”, authored dozens of Bible studies used by churches, ministries, and youth groups; She’s spoken at numerous events, conferences, and retreats”    read more

Sometimes The Journey Gets Hard

Don’t give up!

Life Is Easier Together

It may be hard to imagine but their is a women somewhere in the world who has the same struggle as you do. Just For Us Ministries wants to help bridge the gap between your world and the women around you. This is why j4us. com was created. This online Women’s community is for women just like you. It’s here to help connect you with everyday resources, online fellowship, inspiration, discipleship, and more. click here

Know Jesus

Mark 2:17 lets us know that Jesus came for not only the house wife, the career woman, and the student that don’t know Him as their Savior, but He also came for the prostitute, the drug addict, the thief, the atheist, and the outcast. Jesus came to save you and me from our sins. Why, because He loves us… click here

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