Welcome to  The Official Website Of  Just For Us Ministries.

We are so happy God brought you to our site. Take a moment and  look around allow God’s Holy Spirit to speak to you while you’re here.

Here you can find details of our ministry, information, ways to connect, and direct links to our other ministries. We do pray that your visit is a blessed one.

Thanks again for stopping by.


The Below Video Presentation is offered to help our visitors remember, know, and accept That Jesus is with you…He knows you… He loves you… There is no one and nothing that can fill you as He can… If you know Him as Savior rejoice and be drawn closer to Him… Meditate on Him, be changed through Him … If you don’t know Him, He’s waiting its time to stop running from Him… He’s calling, its time to Hear His Voice… He Loves you, come to Him as you are… To all remember, know, accept JESUS.


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